How to authenticate: Louis Vuitton Part 1

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Hey everyone!

first of all, if you have any tips on authenticating a Louis Vuitton piece that I haven’t covered please mention them in the comments below to help the readers who may be in the market to purchase their first piece 🙂

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Buying Preloved Luxury: Ebay

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Price:$                                                                                                                                          Chance of encountering fake items: 3

Contrary to popular belief, Ebay is a great place to find authentic preloved goods as long as you know where to look! In fact, Ebay is the first place I go when I am in search of an preloved luxury item, as long as you stay diligent and study the brand you are purchasing so you feel confident in your ability to authenticate then Ebay is a great place to shop for luxury items. Continue reading “Buying Preloved Luxury: Ebay”

Buying Preloved Luxury: Facebook Groups

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Purchasing Luxury Items off Facebook

Price Range: $$                                                                                                                                  Chance of fake items: 2/5

Purchasing preloved items from Facebook is a great alternative for those looking for security as all items listed for sale are checked by admin before permission to post is granted along with most of the members who are very skilled at authenticated not standing for any fakes so you have a sense of comfort knowing that the items you are purchasing come from trusted sellers, not only are these Facebook groups perfect for buying and selling, but once you join you become part of a family as such where people often ask questions about products or seek recommendations as well as people posting their collections for others to admire which really builds a sense of community to all those who join and most people build really good relationships with the people they meet through these groups, often going to meetups organised by the group for everyone to meet up for brunch. Continue reading “Buying Preloved Luxury: Facebook Groups”

STORYTIME: Ignored by my Louis Vuitton SA?

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So the other week I was shopping and I decided to go pick up a small gift for a friend from the Louis Vuitton store on Collins street, so as the gates were unlocked at 10:00 I was the first person into the store and I noticed something was odd when two security guards and a different sales associate went to asked my usual associate (let’s call her Susan) and Susan wasn’t coming down to assist me shop.

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