How to authenticate: Louis Vuitton part 2


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if you haven’t already I advise you read part 1 of this post in conjunction with this, it covers the stitching in Louis Vuitton items and how to use stitching to assist in the authentication process when purchasing a preloved item.

Today’s article will cover a topic often skipped over when purchasing, it is in fact the monogram print in monogrammed items. Of course this doesn’t apply to all Louis Vuitton items as there are other finishes used such as epi and taiga leather.


The Print itself

One thing i have found in fake bags which still astounds me is how poorly some of the bad fakes replicate the monogram, below is what the monogram should look like…

Image result for louis vuitton monogram

The Base of the L and side of the V get thinner at the right side, everything is symmetrical and pretty, however, below are what happens when people have tried to replicate the monogram and done so poorly

This Monogram is literally fading away into oblivion?

Image result for louis vuitton monogram fails

Okay, i don’t even need to say anything about this bag, surely you’d be embarrassed actually wearing this?! (look at the stitching, it’s that lemon colour that I was talking about in part 1)

These are terrible examples of the monogram print but with better fakes coming out it sometimes can be really quite difficult to identify a fake item without knowing what the monogram should look like inside out so study up on the monogram using the facts below, keep referring back to original photo of the authentic monogram and I’ll see you in my next post, until then good luck πŸ™‚

Things to memorise about the monogram

Image result for louis vuitton monogram

Refer to the above monogram for assistence πŸ™‚

The LV has the L sitting just below the V, you’ll also notice the the L will be in anΒ italic font wheras the V will just be in a normal stroke. another thing you will notice when inspecting the monogram is that if you start at the LV and move diagonally in any direction you will come across a Fluer de Lis, followed by a circle, another Fluer de Lis and back to the LV again.

Bonus Fact

Not all Louis Vuitton monogram items are on Coated canvas, they can come in many different materials from Leather such as the empreinte leather even to denim, below I have photos of some authentic louis vuitton bags in some of the materials they come in I hope this helps πŸ™‚

Image result for louis vuitton empreinte

The above finish is called Empreinte Leather and this a totally authentic type of finish in Louis Vuitton bags (and stunning finish)

Image result for louis vuitton Vernis

Louis Vuitton also has monogram items in thier style of patent leather called ‘Vernis’ when this bag replicated it commonly has the monogramed only very lightly stamped into the leather so it is barely noticable to the touch, in the authentic bags however, the louis vuitton stamping is quite deep into the leather and feels beautiful and textured to the touch

Image result for louis vuitton denim bag

A lot of people who are new to Louis Vuitton assume that these Louis Vuitton denim bags are replicas, however this is not the case, denim was a popular line in the 2000’s, and can be widely purchased on the preloved market, such as this bag which is currently available at FashionPhile


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