How to authenticate: Louis Vuitton Part 1

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first of all, if you have any tips on authenticating a Louis Vuitton piece that I haven’t covered please mention them in the comments below to help the readers who may be in the market to purchase their first piece ūüôā

Authenticating a luxury item, in particular Louis Vuitton where replicas pollute the market can be quite a daunting task, but with the right markers to look out for you will find yourself able to find your way through the replicas being sold on websites such as eBay (read my previous post if you haven’t already about purchasing luxury items on eBay)

The amount of fakes you will come across will vary depending on where you shop, for example if you choose to purchase from a trusted Facebook group such as Louis Vuitton Talk Worldwide or Louis Vuitton Addicted (link to pages below) your chances of coming across a replica item are slim at best due to the heavy moderation and group members who are very skilled at authentication themselves, however, it is nice to have piece of mind when shopping so hopefully the following tips will assist you in your shopping!


The stitching quality

Louis Vuitton stitching is a usually a great place to start when looking to differentiate between a replica and an authentic item, as you will see below, authentic items are usually hand usually stitched so the stitching is slightly slanted and upon close inspection some stitches will be closer together than others, on replicas however, usually seeing as they are mass-produced the stitching is extremely uniform and straight, evidently coming from a sewing machine. Another giveaway of a replica bag is that if the stitching is sloppy, appears rushed or there is back stitching it as almost a guarantee of it not being authentic as a poor quality item would never leave the Louis Vuitton factory. Another thing that I have noticed when purchasing preloved items is that replica bags tend to have almost a lemon yellow stitching as opposed to the much more mustard coloured stitching on authentic pieces.

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If you look at the above photo you will see a perfect example of sloppy stitching that would never be found on an authentic Louis Vuitton item.

Image result for louis stitching real v fakeFigure 2

The above figure 2 perfectly summarises what I am talking about, if you look at the first photo the stitches are very neat, slightly slanted, approximately the same size and close together if you look the second photo of the fake you’ll immediately notice the sloppy stitching, it’s all different sizes, on different angles, and messy, this sort of stitching would never be seen in a Louis Vuitton product.

The amount of stitches

This one tip is super helpful and I use it all the time in my authenticating! it’s as simple as counting the stitches, for example on the below figure 3 of a speedy handle you will notice there are 5 stitches on all but 2 sides where there are 4 (this will make sense when you look at the photo) if you see a speedy with a different amount of stitches I’d be having serious doubts on the authenticity of that bag. Another great thing to check for when questioning the authenticity of an item is to check the SPI¬†(stitches per inch), luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton have a high SPI count as when stitches are closer together it makes a stronger seam whereas replica bags, as shown in Figure 2 usually have stitches that are positioned further apart leading for a weaker seam and poorer quality overall. I have found that most bags from Louis Vuitton I have come across have between 7-8 stitches per inch but if the item you are looking at has more or less that doesn’t guarantee it is a replica item.


Facebook groups mentioned

Earlier I mentioned two Facebook groups that I personally use and I believe are safe to purchase items off with a very slim chance of encountering a replica, the links to these pages if you’d like to join the community are below

Louis Vuitton Talk Worldwide Here

Louis Vuitton Addicted Here





figure 1:

figure 2:

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