Buying Preloved Luxury: Facebook Groups

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Purchasing Luxury Items off Facebook

Price Range: $$                                                                                                                                  Chance of fake items: 2/5

Purchasing preloved items from Facebook is a great alternative for those looking for security as all items listed for sale are checked by admin before permission to post is granted along with most of the members who are very skilled at authenticated not standing for any fakes so you have a sense of comfort knowing that the items you are purchasing come from trusted sellers, not only are these Facebook groups perfect for buying and selling, but once you join you become part of a family as such where people often ask questions about products or seek recommendations as well as people posting their collections for others to admire which really builds a sense of community to all those who join and most people build really good relationships with the people they meet through these groups, often going to meetups organised by the group for everyone to meet up for brunch.

Below you will find some of my personal favourite Facebook groups in relation to some of the most common brands available for purchase on Facebook

Chanel interlocking logo

Chanel Addicted- Buy Sell & Chat

Chanel & Hermes Exclusive Australia

Louis Vuitton and Chanel Lovers Australia

Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès: Sell, Buy and Chat



Hermes Addicted -Buy Sell & Chat

Hermes Exclusive


Louis Vuitton Logo.svg

Louis Vuitton Lovers Australia

Louis Vuitton Addicted – Buy sell and Chat

Louis Vuitton Australia Discussion & BSS



Prada Addicted – Buy Sell & chat

Prada Talk Worldwide

PRADA (this is the name of the group not the Facebook page)


Gucci Logo.svg

1960s Gucci Logo.svg

Gucci Addicted – Buy Sell & Chat

Gucci Talk worldwide


Dior Logo.svg

Dior Addicted -Buy Sell & Chat


Pre-loved luxury Brands $200.00 under

Bags + Shoes – Luxury Brands Only

Men’s Luxury




These are items currently for sale in groups such as these

The above pictured vintage  Louis Vuitton bucket bag in pm size is currently listed for $199 USD

If your budget is slightly larger check out the below Caviar Chanel Boy from the 2017 collection for $5,250 AUD this bag is also for sale on instagram @timelessv0gue

Facebook Groups are also perfect for rare items that are discontinued or difficult to purchase in store such as this Ostrich Leather Kelly 28 currently listed for $39,950 AUD

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