Buying Preloved Luxury: Ebay

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Price:$                                                                                                                                          Chance of encountering fake items: 3

Contrary to popular belief, Ebay is a great place to find authentic preloved goods as long as you know where to look! In fact, Ebay is the first place I go when I am in search of an preloved luxury item, as long as you stay diligent and study the brand you are purchasing so you feel confident in your ability to authenticate then Ebay is a great place to shop for luxury items. If you come across an item and you are unsure of its authenticity then a great thing to do is post into a brand specific group asking for them to check it’s authenticity and the members of the group who are very skilled in authenticating luxury items will usually get back to you quickly with their opinion and providing some reassurance if you are nervous.

In order to assist you in finding the item you are searching for I have prepared some tips and advice that I use when purchasing luxury items from Ebay, along with my experiences purchasing from different sellers and who I recommend.



Do your research

If you go into Ebay knowing exactly what the item want to purchase looks like then you will be able to tell a bad fake almost immediately as you will find something not quite right with the item you are looking at, with Louis Vuitton for example paying attention to the stitching usually provides a dead giveaway between a real and a fake piece (I will make a post about authenticating items)


If it is too good to be true, it probably is

I know this is extremely cliché but bear with me because it is extremely accurate to purchasing luxury items  especially on Ebay. Yes on Ebay you can get massive discounts but you also have stop and think if someone would really sell their authentic piece for that low of a price. Below I have found a few Ebay listings which are clearly a fake and the price is far too good for the item to be authentic

A dead giveaway of a fake bag such as this ‘Celine’ is plastic on the handles, if you ever see this it is a dead giveaway of a replica. Also, this celine was being sold for $63 Australian Dollars whereas an authentic Celine phantom retails for over $4300 Australian Dollars.

Purchase from Japan

Japan in particular have extremely strict replica laws which is why most of the items coming out of Japan are authentic. Personally, I always purchase from Japanese consignment stores when I shop on Ebay, mainly from the store Brandoff which is a large Japanese consignment company which now sells globally through Ebay.

Purchase from Reputable sellers

Below is a list of sellers I recommend to shop with when shopping on Ebay, although just because I have had good experiences with a seller and received an authentic item doesn’t mean all their items are always authentic so make sure to stay diligent when shopping on Ebay

  • Brandoff
  • Lulu Fashion
  • Atomixer2k
  • Jona-levin
  • Chanel_touch
  • Trendlee


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