STORYTIME: Ignored by my Louis Vuitton SA?

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So the other week I was shopping and I decided to go pick up a small gift for a friend from the Louis Vuitton store on Collins street, so as the gates were unlocked at 10:00 I was the first person into the store and I noticed something was odd when two security guards and a different sales associate went to asked my usual associate (let’s call her Susan) and Susan wasn’t coming down to assist me shop.

Anxiety set in like a tonne of bricks and I was like why wont she assist me? have I upset her or something? eventually she comes down, clearly not pleased and behaving quite strangely, like the item I was buying was already on hold all I needed to do was pay so I just wanted to quickly pop in and fetch this gift and leave but clearly this was going to take a while longer than expected.

Eventually she comes out, greets me, brings me a glass of water and sits me down to look at some other products while she puts the sale through which is fine although at this stage I’m feeling quite uncomfortable for the first time in this boutique. While Susan was out packaging my item for me and I was sitting looking through the website I found a funky little item I’d never heard of before (see picture) so when Susan re-enters with my packaged item clearly eager for me to leave I decide to ask her what it was because I couldn’t quite tell, to which she brushed me off with a “I don’t know, I’ve not seen it before” So I kindly asked if she could have a look and see if it was in stock because I was in the mood to purchase that also and at this stage Susan literally took a 5 second look at the iPad, saw another client enter the building, turned around excusing herself and left me sitting there whilst she assisted another client.

And I’m not like a rude customer at all, I enjoy shopping and I usually bring flowers and gifts for my SA’s as I consider them friends, so I’m not quite sure what triggered this reaction in Susan but I sat in the seat waiting for her for about 30 minutes before I got up and left the store and decided to spend my money elsewhere.

I have nothing against Louis Vuitton I love the brand with an absolute fiery passion but as of late I’ve had multiple bad experiences shopping in that store.

And I know this is nit picky, but every time I have shopped with Susan I never receive a follow up text or anything of the sort, in fact, if I ask her to contact me if something comes into stock she doesn’t. Usually this doesn’t bother me at all but just days ago now, I purchased a really small item from the Crown Boutique (story on this to come) and immediately received a follow up text and my SA has made contact with me almost every day since alerting me of new products I may like and letting me know of new releases, this is the sort of service I have been lacking in Collins Street for some reason.


What are your shopping horror stories?


Below is the suspect item that I was going to purchase along with my other item.

Greeting cards Petite Malle in Men's Gift Inspirations collections by Louis Vuitton

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